How to do Floorboard Polishing?

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Floorboard polishing is the art of polishing the wooden floors of your home. When you do floorboard polishing, it is best that you have prior knowledge of it. Polishing can be of many types like oil based, polyurethane, water based, hard wax or penetrating oil polishing. If done the right way it adds shine to the floor but if done incorrectly, the floor can be ruined. So, it is suggested to hire some trained professionals for this task and they can polish your wooden floor with some floorboard polishing methods.

Floorboard Polishing
Floorboard Polishing

Tips and tricks on floorboard polishing: 

  • You need to remove the floor coverings. Carpets are alright on the floor, but when you have to remove it for floorboard polishing, it can be quite cumbersome. To ease handling, it is suggested that you cut the carpet into small and manageable squares with a sharp utility knife. Start with the edges and remove the pieces, be careful of pins and tacks.
  • The surface of the floor has to be prepared for floorboard polishing. You have to remove all nails that protrude from the floor surface. Use a nail punch with a hammer to punch every floor fixing nail to below the surface of the floor, to a depth of 3-4 mm. Then you need to clear all the furniture in the room. Start with the smaller furniture and work your way to the biggest. After you remove the furniture, you need to vacuum the floor and walls thoroughly to clear off all dust.
  • All the power points and computer orifices, including any vents have to be covered with masking tape. Keep in mind that floorboard polishing throws up very fine particles and these could cause serious damage to electrical equipment later on. Then go over the sanding equipment you hired and ask the hirer to show you how it operates.
  • You will be operating a drum sander, a beast of a machine that is extremely heavy, and dangerous in the wrong hands. Use safety gear like work gloves, face mask and protective eyewear. The sander will be operated like a lawnmower, i.e. you will be pushing the sander. If you pull it, the sanding contact will be lost. Do not try to lift it.


Things to remember when you do the floorboard polishing:

Do not attempt to start the sander when the sandpaper is in contact with the floor and also do not stop the machine when the belt is in contact with the flooring. This will damage the floor. Rough sand is done with higher grit sandpaper at a 45-degree angle to the floor from one corner to another. The perimeter of the floor cannot be reached with the drum sander, nor should it be attempted. This is done with a hand sander. Some trained professionals can do it because they know the process very well and they can easily incorporate these heavy machineries.
  • All the nail holes and spit holes along with knotholes are fixed with putty that is water based. The next round of sanding is done with finer grit sandpaper. You need to get down with the hand-held sander and work on the edges also.
  • When you apply the floor finish, you have to be careful to read and follow the instructions on the pack. Normally the method of application is by brush or lamb’s wool applicator. Before applying the floor finish, be sure that the floor is free from dust particles.
As you can see, floorboard polishing takes a fair bit of work to be done properly.  So, it is better to call for professional help in this regard. 

Top 8 Advantages of Audi Car Service

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The Audi is a fantastic car, and owning one is a pleasure to behold. Every proud owner of an Audi can lay veracity to its claim of being a more than average car. It is widely known for its great performance, superior engineering and ride quality, which is indeed a high on its own.  If you have an Audi car then you need to maintain your car by some authorized Audi car services and they can repair your car and increase the performance level of your car.

Audi Car Service
Audi Car Service

8 advantages of Audi Car Services:

1. Inspection and maintenance at the Audi car Service

When you get a regular Audi car service done by engineers who know what they are doing, it adds years to the Audi. An Audi car service is like no other, and it is recommended that you send in your Audi car service at least every 12 months or 15,000 km, whichever is first. The mechanics will take a look at the steering system, the engine and the transmission as well. Apart from that, they will also check the brake system, clutch and other spare parts of your car.

2. Inspection and replacement of engine oil

The engine oil is there to protect, lubricate and clean the interiors of the Audi’s engine, do not neglect its periodic replacement.

3. The Audi service booklet

This is an important document. When you bring in your Audi for servicing, make sure you have it on you, because it will be signed and stamped by the authorized personnel, ensuring that your car is good to go till the next round of service. Besides this, the service booklet collects and stores information on what kinds of servicing were done at different periods and it helps the technicians narrow down a problem. Through this booklet, you can find the history of your car and if you sell your car in future then the buyer will easily understand the condition of the car through this way.

4. Use correct grade of petrol and diesel oil

For optimum performance of your car, it is highly recommended that you use the correct grade of fuel. This also helps to reduce emissions. Remember that standards are strict, and you have to conform to them in order to escape penalties.

Car Service
Car Service

5. Tire maintenance

You have to maintain the pressure of the tires at a consistent level ad also practice responsible driving in order to make optimum use of your Audi. Tire pressure should be checked at least twice a month without fail. Also inspect them for signs of wear and get them replaced if needed.

6. Brake maintenance

After your car goes through a washing session, it is highly possible that water and moisture is building up within the brake system. This can lead to rust formation. If there is rust in the brake disc, the disc and pad will be damaged and lead to reduction in braking power. If you use a pressure water hose, do not direct the hose at the brake disc or pad.

7. Maintenance of wiper blades

Always use the right car care products. These are specially designed to look after the car. Otherwise, use plain water. Handle the wiper blades with care, and do not try to bend or twist them.

8. Roadster

If you own one of these, weather conditions like intermittent rain will make the seals flex. There are gaps between the windows and the top and water may get in, so try and park your roadster in an indoor car park during the rainy season. It helps to maintain the paint quality as well.

So now you can hire some Audi car service and they can do all these things for you.

Install Hot Water Systems in Home to Get Refreshing Bath

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Hot water bath is something which every human being craves for. After a day of challenging work, nothing is more refreshing or relaxing than taking a bath in warm water. But these hot water baths are not so easy to come by. They are quite a difficult fish to catch and can easily make a massive hole in the pocket if some unwise decisions are made and foolish turns are taken along the road. Firstly, the first thing that has to be kept in mind is the whole installation story. Installing hot water systems is not easy and is not at all cheap.

Hot Water Systems
Hot Water Systems

You Should Know How to Maintain a Hot Water System

  • The maintenance part is even more difficult to stay by the code. An Even minor fault that happened initially could end up causing full destabilization of the entire setup. Thus, it pays to be careful while using it. Scaling and sedimentation can occur inside the boilers, so while you hire experts to install the hot water systems, you should also sign an annual maintenance contract with them for checking the pipeline and sedimentation.
  • Also, with the installation of hot water system, one needs to upgrade the plumbing system of the entire home or apartment. This maybe just a precaution or even a healthy upgrade but it makes sure everything is safe and future ready.

Energy Efficient Means to Get Hot Water

There are many energy and cost-efficient ways to install hot water systems. Here are some such methods:

#1. If you have an existing water heater (or even an old one) which does not work as it used to or is less efficient, then consider using an insulation blanket. These blankets do not let the heat escape by cutting off air contact and thus makes the water heat up faster.

#2. Pre-heating the water before it enters the heater is a good hack to improve hot water systems. One of the simplest ways to do it is by using tempering tanks. Tempering tanks are increasing in popularity and one can easily find solutions to install it.

#3. Solar water heaters are also a good option to heat water before it reaches the water heater. Solar water heaters are those kinds of hot water systems, which are very efficient in energy use. People generally choose from hot water systems that have a continuous water flow, and systems that can store water for long.

#4. In many countries, people now use the boosters during cloudy days. These include gas, coal, and electricity.

Tips to Reduce the Expense on The Hot Water Systems Use

Hot water systems do cost a lot when using. Thus, one needs to be very economical while using it. Here are some tips which will help to promote a more economical as well as efficient use:

Short showers instead of baths are a very good alternative. Short baths help to save a lot of water as well as money. One can easily conserve more water by turning off the shower when applying soap or shampoo.

Lowering the temperature in the hot water system can help to save a huge amount of power. For around 10 degrees decrease in temperature one can save as much as 3-5% resources. Also, the distance of the hot water system from the tap and the size of the boiler are essential factors that one must consider before buying a hot water system.

Hot Water
Hot Water
Use hot water systems only for bathing. Other chores like dishes and laundry can be carried out equally well in cold water as well. So, save hot water whenever you can.

How to Find Reliable Cornice Installers?

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Be it a small and simple renovation project or a large-scale home redevelopment, you will need professionals to assist you in the task. One such section of the home is cornice and you might want some professional cornice installers to work on your home ceilings. Whether you want to take care of the leakage, cover up stains, or add decorative feature to the ceiling, you will need the help of the installers who are adept at the task. However, not many people are aware of the actual work of such professionals. Hence, you need to update your information about the practices. It will help you hire the best professionals.

Cornice Installers
  • License to Practice: 
  • When it comes to working practice, there are different licenses. One is for the business and one would be for the particular profession. Go for the professional license. It means that the person is licensed to perform the task he claims to be good at. So, do not go for the cornice installers who claim to have a business license. When you look for a professionally licensed installer, you can be assured that he has the right skills for the profession.
  • Tools for Cornice Installation:
  • Cornice installation is working on the ceiling and would require special tools to work on it. So, you will have to look for professionals who are equipped with all the necessary tools. When it comes to safety, there will be constant updates in the same. It is your task to inquire if the professional cornice installers have the latest equipment to work on the project. Additionally, they should help you assure that they would take all the safety precautions during the work.
  • Experience of Working on Ceilings:
  • Not every renovation project will come with a similar job description. However, the possibilities are high that the cornice installers might not have worked on different projects. So, run a check on the work background. See if the contractor has posted his work on the site or on any portfolio on online portal. What kind of ceiling work did the contractor has handled in the past? It can be hard to judge from the pictures but see if you can visit some live site. It will give you first-hand information on the professionalism.

  • Budget Planning:
  • Even if you have all the money to put in for your home renovation project, you should never allow it to happen. Set target finance for the remodeling project. Within this, you should allot a section just for the cornice installation. This should include everything from the material required for the service installation. Only the good cornice installers will help you with the budgeting. Make sure you stick to it.
  • Time Frame:
  • It is the job of the installers to come up with the practical time frame to finish the task. Several other home renovation tasks might be dependent on this particular task. If not, you might not want the simple thing to take unnecessary time on it. Check if the set deadline is practical and not more than the required time frame. A good professional will ensure that the timeline is followed and help you with the work.
  • Safety and Insurance:
  • Any adept and experienced cornice installers would make safety as their priority. However, they would go a step ahead and have professional insurance. In worst scenarios, if there are any accidents or damages to lives or property, the insurance will get it covered for the service. However, not every professional contractor applies for the insurance and you will have to inquire with the service provider you are going to hire.
Hence, by following the aforementioned advice, you can hire the right cornice installer. 
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